Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU – Which one is better?

Comparison metrics for Single Fan Vs Dual Fan GPU Heat Dissipate Performance Noise Level Dimension and Fitment Overclocking Performance Functionality and Design Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a professional with a heavy workload, there are chances of thermal throttling in your high-end desktop.     This might reduce your performance and even damage […]

B450 vs X470 Motherboard- Know The Difference

Motherboards are the circuit boards of computers and the whole computer system’s foundation. It has different names like the baseboard, circuit board, system board, etc. Let’s Take A look on B450 vs X470 Motherboard in Detail The motherboard of a computer system is responsible for all the actions that the system will do. From the allocation of power […]

DDR4 2400 vs 2666 RAM-Speed Comparison of 2400 and 2666 RAM

2400 vs 2666 RAM, is a very confusing topic. There are a lot of speculations regarding the comparison of both the RAM. Random Access Memory, aka RAM, is no doubt the most crucial component in your PC. RAM is one of the significant elements which defines the performance of a mobile or a PC. Unlike Motherboards, […]