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How To Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger

Charging a Macbook pro without a charger is unusual. One must always try to charge a Macbook pro with its charger. But, if in any case, let’s say you are out of your house and forgot your charger at home or for some other reason you are unable to charge your MacBook then do not […]

How to Connect Android Phone to TV using AV Cable?

Casting your phone on your TV screen can be fun right? In recent times, this has been made possible and easy for every android user to connect their Android phones to their TV. Not only is this possible with TV, but every big screen you use, be it your computer monitor, or your PC laptop. […]

Motherboard Drivers Installation

How to Install Motherboard Drivers in Simple Steps?

Motherboard Drivers are a vital part of your computer systems. Without them your computer is incomplete. People willing to install motherboard drivers do understand their value in the computer. A motherboard handles holding all the vital components of the computer together. Hence, a motherboard driver handles controlling and driving all this computer hardware.  Different operating […]

how to install io shield

How to Install IO Shield: Easy Step by Step Guide

IO shields are an important part of a computer system. It serves a simple purpose and that is covering the back of the computer. The connectors of your computer are grounded but when you touch connectors shielded with Input/ Output shield, zap can be prevented and it also lowers the risk. The IO shield is […]