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How To Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger

Charging a Macbook pro without a charger is unusual. One must always try to charge a Macbook pro with its charger. But, if in any case, let’s say you are out of your house and forgot your charger at home or for some other reason you are unable to charge your MacBook then do not worry. There are ways to charge a Macbook Pro without its charger.

Macbooks are limited to their components. The motive is to charge a battery so the manufacturing company should not bother. But with Apple devices, so many things are limited to its manufacturing brand and components. The MacBook charger is available with a memory chip that kind of understands the MacBook. And supplies it with the required amount of voltage and current. 

Instead of making an adapter available with the Macbook, Apple let its user spend more money to buy other connecting and charging components. But, there are methods available to charge the Macbook pro without its charger. In this article, we will learn the options available to charge a MacBook pro and answer the question of How to charge a Macbook Pro without a charger. 

How to charge Macbook Pro without Charger

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There are ways to charge the Macbook pro without a charger, but there is always a limitation or a drawback for not doing it with the charger made for it. But if you are curious enough to charge the Macbook pro without its original charger, then here are few methods you can use. These methods help you charge Macbook without a charger. These methods can also be used to charge Macbook air without a charger. 

Use a USB type-C Charging Cable

If you want a solution to charge your Macbook Pro then the easiest way available is to find a type-C USB cable or your iPhone’s USB cable. It will charge your Macbook like it charges the iPhone. This method is not efficient enough but it will do the trick for you. Nowadays, USB type-C USB-port and cable are available with most of the devices so you won’t need to search hard for it. It is so because one in every two-person has the USB Type-C. If you want to buy one, you can find it in any mobile shop. Back were the days when Micro-USB ports were common in phones and tablets, but now everywhere Type-C is used. With a micro USB cable 

1. Use an External charger with USB 3.0

The other option available is charging through an external charger or you can also use a power bank that has the availability of a USB 3.0 port. You can connect from USB 3.0 to USB type-C and then connect it to your Macbook pro. This will charge your Macbook but using USB will take a longer time than usual and is harmful to the battery and battery life.

2. Use USB 3.0 to USB type-C converter

In this method, all you need to do is buy or look for a USB 3.0 to USB type-C converter cable. This cable helps the charging or transferring of voltage or data faster. . Using this cable you can charge the battery of your Macbook from your personal computer.

How to charge Macbook

Drawback and Limitations

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while using this method because certain harms can be caused to the battery of your Macbook pro. Use this method only in emergencies. Do not use it often as it can cause damage to your Macbook’s battery.

  • The biggest drawback of using other methods to charge the Macbook without its charger is the battery damage. 
  • The battery swelling can occur in which case you will need to replace the battery.
  • These charging methods will take a longer time to charge the battery and hence damage battery life.

3. Methods to decrease the Power Use

While you cannot help with the charging procedure while using a USB cable or external charger or power bank to charge your Apple Macbook pro. All you can attempt is to try the methods to consume less battery power and use it with minimal power loss. Here are a few tips and ways one can follow to reduce battery power loss:

4. Decrease Brightness of Macbook

The method is efficient enough to save a few percentages of battery for you to work for an extra hour. Decrease the brightness level of the Macbook to its least visibility. Also, turn off the keyboard light.

5. Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off the options you are not using. This saves a few percentages of the battery.

6. Quit unnecessary applications

Remove the tabs of the application not in use so the RAM is clear and it helps save battery.


The Macbook Pro can be charged without its original charger using other methods. These methods are handy in an emergency and do provide a successful result. But using these methods can harm the battery of your Macbook and are suggested to use in an emergency only. Using these methods more often can cost you a bill for a new battery and replacement. So, it is better to take precautions and take care of the charger whenever carrying your Macbook pro with you. Hope these methods helped you with your query of how to charge the MacBook pro without a charger. 


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