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How to Install IO Shield: Easy Step by Step Guide

how to install io shield

IO shields are an important part of a computer system. It serves a simple purpose and that is covering the back of the computer. The connectors of your computer are grounded but when you touch connectors shielded with Input/ Output shield, zap can be prevented and it also lowers the risk.

The IO shield is a rectangular metal piece designed to fit your CPU’s case. About every motherboard includes an IO shield protecting it and it is already installed in your computer system. But if not, they won’t cause any harm to your device. But one should consider contacting the device seller and ask them for the IO shield. It is not a necessary part one can install on a computer system, if you can handle the damage and problem caused without it. 

Without Input/ Output Shield, your computer is going to run as before. But some damages can be caused to the motherboard in the long run. If you understand its importance in a computer operating system and want to install it on your device then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to cover the importance of the IO shield. We will learn how to install  IO shield on your computer device?

Importance of IO Shield

io shield

The IO shield plays an important role and it is better if you decide to install it on your computer system. There are some basic purposes of an Input/ Output shield. But it prevents a few bad damages that can be caused to your Inputs and Outputs during plugging and unplugging things. Let’s discuss the benefits after you install an IO shield after the motherboard

  • It prevents dust from settling down on the motherboard.
  • It makes a contact between the computer case and the connectors and helps improve the ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection. 
  • The IO shield also completes a structure that prevents or reduces electromagnetic radiation caused by various components of your device system. 
  • IO shields prevent EMI (Electro-Magnetic induction) from affecting radio devices connected to the computer. 

How to Install IO Shield- Easy Step by Step Guide

Keeping your computer back dust-free, IO shield also manages to shield your computer from radiation and reduces damages that can be caused to the motherboard. Here is an easy and simple guide for you to install an IO shield. This guide will discuss how to install io shield tabs

Step1. Insert the IO shield

The IO shield must be inserted in the right way. This is the first step of the procedure. If you fail to insert the IO shield in the right way then you would not be able to do the rest of the procedure. To ensure the fact, knowing the right position of the motherboard in the case is compulsory. Once you are aware of the motherboard’s position, try to align the IO shield with the motherboard so that it fits. Do this process without harming the IO shield and the motherboard as well.

Step2. Remove the exhaust fan from the CPU

Exhaust Fan

After aligning the IO shield with the motherboard, the next step is to fix the motherboard in its place. But before you do that, making space in the CPU to carry out the process smoothly is an important thing. The exhaust fan in the CPU is close to the motherboard case and so it needs to be removed before you start fitting the motherboard in its place. Removing the exhaust fan is easy. All you need to do is unscrew it from the CPU.

Step3. Installation

Assure the removal of the exhaust fan and your motherboard is set with an IO shield to be installed. Then it is time to start the installation process. To carry out the installation process without any problem, tilt the CPU in a position that the CPU’s case lies in horizontally. Apply a small force in the corners of the IO shield to do the fitting. The IO shield has braces to hold its position. Make sure the IO shield’s braces are fitted to the case. You can ensure it by hearing the clicking sound caused when it is fit. 

Step4. Verify the whole process

Installing the IO shield is an easy job. You followed a few easy steps to install the IO shield and it is done in no time. But it is important to check the work after it is done. If you can see all the braces of the IO shield bumped on the inner side of the CPU then the installation process is considered successful. 

Installing an IO shield on your computer system is an easy process and can be attempted by anyone. If you are a child below 14, consider doing the process under your elder’s guidance. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the IO shield on the CPU, contact the service provider. Sometimes, a restart may be required for it to work properly. 

Final Words

This will help you with how to install IO Shield and will help your computer to work properly. Many software can be downloaded to help to troubleshoot the errors for windows, macOS, or Linux. There are various ways to avoid software PC errors such as disk failure, need to install another operating system, error with plugins, which might not seem to be attention-seeking but can harm your computer. For these errors fixes can be to download the operating systems, to reinstall it, using windows installer for installations of windows, setting changes in control-panel and command prompt, etc. 

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