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How to Ship a Graphics Card- Simple And Safe Way Ship A GPU

Graphics card, Motherboard, RAM are some of the most delicate and crucial parts of your PC or your Laptop. Even a minor jerk while shipping a graphics card or motherboard or even a RAM can play a role in the inefficient working of such components. You have to be very cautious while shipping such crucial and delicate parts. There could be some situations where you want to ship a motherboard or Graphics card to your friend or to a buyer who just bought a graphics card from your eBay listing. Anyhow, For this article, We will focus on How to ship a Graphics card in a proper manner that it doesn’t get any harm during the shipment.

One thing you should keep in mind while shipping is that you should use all the precautionary steps while shipping a Graphics card or a video card. Why so? Let’s understand the building structure of a graphics card or a video card. A Graphics card or Video card has printed circuits on a thin and delicate circuit board. Usually, The external graphics card also has small or multiple fans attached to it to keeps it cooler and to boost the performance when its temperature rises. Now keeping this thing in mind that the whole structure is delicate and it does have fans attached to it, you have to be pretty sure that your package is firm enough to protect these components. With this let’s see what are some ways you can make sure that your graphics card is safe and secure during the shipment.

How to Ship A Graphics Card

1. Use Original Box

Yup, That’s the best way to assure that the graphics card has a perfect fit inside the box. But, If you don’t have it, you can use after-market shipping boxes. If you’re using an aftermarket box, make sure that it is a perfect fit for the video card. If there is some empty space left inside the box, it might harm the delicate graphics card. So, If you have the OG box, it’s better to use the original one.

2. Anti-static Bag

The anti-static bag is best for packing any electronics device. It helps electronics from ESD, Electro Static Discharge. Anti-static bag, Transfers the ESD to the ground and nullifies the effect. So, It is a very strong recommendation that if you’re shipping the graphics card then you should use this bag. 

How to Ship a Graphics Card

3. Box-in-Box

 A Box inside the box, Yes, Take a bigger box and put the box with the Graphics card in it. This will assure the best protection. You can use some cardboard box as well. Make sure that the box is properly sealed. Because you don’t how your shipment agency is going to use treat your shipment, So better be safe and add an extra security.

4. Use Packing Peanuts

Every house as a bag of packing peanuts, These small peanut shaped are actually made up of foam. This are best to fill up the empty space created. You can use this to fill out empty space inside the smaller box which has the graphics card in it, while you can also use these peanuts to fill the empty space inside the bigger box. You should not take any form of risk while shipping the graphics card.

Packaging Peanuts Used For Shipping Graphics card

Some DIY Tips For Your Packing Materials

Before starting this section of the article, I would like to warn you that this is not the recommended way to ship a graphics card or other delicate computer-related stuff. But if you don’t want to buy some stuff you can undoubtedly use some homely stuff to pack and ship the graphics card.

1. Cardboard Box

While packing your video card or graphics card, you can use some old cardboard box as well. But make sure it is in a firm form. You can add some packing material to fill up the empty space inside the box. If your box is torn, you can use some tapes to cover it up.

2. News Paper

News papers are always a option to fill up the empty space inside the box. You can replace packing peanuts with newspaper. But keep this in mind that if you’re using newspaper, you should add some thermocol pieces as well. Thermocol will protect your graphics card from jerks it will experience will shipping it.

3. Bubble Wrap/ Air Bubble Roll

You can use some old or pre-used air bubble roll or bubble wrap. Just wrap the graphics card around and you’ll be good to go. Just make sure that you use Box-in-Box technique. This Air bubbles will work as shock absorbers and absorb the jerks during shipment.

The Bottom Line

A Graphics card is very sensitive when it comes to shipping it through a delivery service. Also, It is a very expensive item, you cant take risk it while shipping, so you should be extra cautious around this. We recommend you to use our steps while packing and shipping your graphics card. You may find some items in your backyard garage or in your storage room but it’s not recommended to use those stuff, but if you don’t have any other option, these stuff can really help you out in keeping your graphics card safe and secure. Feel free to ask your quires in the comment section below, while you can also subscribe to our newsletter for some interesting DIYs.

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